Zomarick Golden Retrievers rustiques

Pride, fidelity and devotion

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Adopting an individualized approach, education and training are adapted to each dog’s personality. Some dogs go well with straight forward gentle methods and others need more particular approach. They are all potential retrievers but they have to learn the techniques and we have to understand each of their personalities !

All our dogs are trained to retrieve in any kind of hunting situations (waterfowl and field migratory bird hunting) as well as upland hunting. In their instinct, they all have the potential so it hasn’t been difficult to train them. Over the years, we even discovered that they are also great blood tracking dogs to find wounded animals.

First steps of training were in obedience. Once well learned, they were introduced to birds, gun proofed, and trained for retriever work. Each of them went to the next level, hunt tests and real hunting, allowing them to practice all what they have learned and become outstanding hunting companions. They are all fast and precise workers and have proven all their qualities over the years.