Zomarick Golden Retrievers rustiques

Pride, fidelity and devotion

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Our home

A passion...

Our home

A passion

Our passion and devotion goes entirely to the Golden Retriever. After a long period of reflection and research, I decided to realize a dream : breeding those great dogs. But our ideal was not to be anywhere, not in any ways and not any kind of breed.

Not anywhere:

We didn't wish to establish our kennel anywhere. So we aimed nearby Rimouski, Bas-Saint-Laurent (Quebec, Canada), a paradise for waterfowl and migratory bird field hunting. Lakes, rivers, fields, forests and mountains surround us. So we are granted by an abundant nature and an exceptional area to breed such dogs !

Not in any ways:

It is more a question of lifestyle. Dogs are part of the family and actors into our daily life. They live with us in the house and share all family environmental aspects. In our house, only six dogs live here and the others live with some friends. This way of doing provides to each dog all training, education, care and attention needed. It also keeps all interactions with each to a high level. As the number of dogs is always limited to a small number, there are periods that we won’t have litters (we don’t get rid of retired dogs and they are only replaced after the very last day of their life).

More than a lifestyle, it is also a long tradition and a philosophy that we continue. Because we breed the most devoted dog to humans, our consideration toward them is respectful. So, our educational and training methods use neither electric collar nor coercive methods. We work our dogs with patience, perseverance, consistency and positive reinforcement.

Not any kind of breed:

Over a century ago, the very first Golden Retrievers were registered in England. At that time, that breed was described to be strongly built, slim with an angled head. Males weighted around 70 pounds and measured from 24 to 25 inches and the females, around 60 pounds and 22 to 24 inches. Their coat color was described as a medium-long fur, water repellent undercoat and in a variation of gold shades, going from pale to rich and luxuriant copper, even almost mahogany. Well known for their accurate sense of smell, they are strong swimmers with their palmed toes and long legs. They are famous retrievers and hunting partners.

In our days, the « Rustic » Golden is pretty rare because the trend went on the paler colors and mostly strictly for the family companion. We have to admit that our preference goes for the reddish ones, breed that we have been looking for and which are still real retrievers. So, our goal is to bring back to life those old roots, almost forgotten in this world and share them with families and hunters.

The temperament we seek for is evident. The Golden is a tender and devoted dog to humans who surround it. It has no rest until it feels its owner’s happiness. It has a great and accurate sense of observation. Its trainability is indisputable and its temperament is one of the steadiest one. It is a kind of dog that would follow you, even toward danger because it cares about you. Don’t forget, for this type of dog, humans are their link on this Earth, their stability and their security. The breeds which we work with respond to this description and temperament criteria.

Our dogs come from breed lines that we meticulously chose. Their ancestors have to be known and prove to have all wanted criteria. All chosen lines carry over one century of history and can all be found over past generations.