Zomarick Golden Retrievers rustiques

Pride, fidelity and devotion

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Whether you are a hunter or not, our dogs are made for active people that love to go outdoors. They have a great level of energy, they are highly trainable and they have very devoted temperaments. All our dogs live in the house, not in outside kennels, this to encourage their socialization with humans and in the pack.

Pups :

•They leave the nest at 10 weeks old. This is to increase their socialization, their identity development and self confidence;
•They receive 2 rounds of vaccination as well as worm shots and are monitored by a veterinarian;
•They have a microchip implanted and are registered at the CKC;
•They are introduced to housebreaking principles;
•They receive individual stimulations and introduced to some obedience;
•They are gun proved and desensitized to different daily life stress they could meet in their life;
•They are introduced to feathers and birds;
•And much more !


All our dog and whelping facilities are an example in that matter. That room has a heated floor so the nests are always warm and provides nice heat for the pups. Temperature and humidity are controlled to maximize all dogs and pups comfort as well as keeping them healthy. From that place, when pups are older, they have a direct access to their outside playground, which help us to teach them the basics on being clean.

Our way of doing things when we have litters is probably the one that brings the most work to do for us. We don’t breed pups on old newspapers or stuffs like that. We put clean blankets and change them four to six times a day. This way, pups are born and grow on clean material.

As we refuse to be a puppy mill, we only reproduce each dam once every 12 to 18 months. Therefore, we only have a limited number of litters per year and are reserved in advance. We invite you to contact us to find out when are the next available litters.