Zomarick Golden Retrievers rustiques

Pride, fidelity and devotion

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Zomarick Lady Huntess of Adirondac (enr. C.K.C. et A.K.C.)

Tessy is from the Adirondacs area in NY State. She is from a long line of hunting dogs. Her instinct for retrieve is evident. She has a high level of concentration and highly trainable.

She shows to be very consistent and steady in all what she does. She is the endurance type of dog, working all the time at the same rhythm. On top of those working qualities, she is very affectionate and always looking to make everyone happy and at ease.


RoseLady Heart of Roses

Little Rose… we compare her to a Ferrari. Slim, fast, impetuous, agile and sharp, she shines by her desire to work. Proud representative of her ancestors, she doesn’t miss a chance to impress us.

She’s got all the needed qualities and is a great dog for hunt tests, hunting and family companion. Her sense of observation is a reference and she understands quickly whatever we show her.



Lady Bess’t

Borned in our kennel, Bess has showed us from the start that she was a natural worker. Great motivation, playful and dynamic, she has a beautiful focus when it is time to be serious. Sister of Red and Dude, she is too a joy to work with and her work is done with precision and steadiness.

Bess lives with our friend and hunting partner, M. Philippe Tanguay, shares his family life and is his best hunting companion ever. Bess has this great presence toward people around her and holds in her all her parents qualities.

AngieAngie de Zomarick

Angie, sister of Bess, represents our kennel on a different scene. Even if she has all the qualities to become a great hunting dog, she shines in a totaly different way. We don’t only pretend our dogs are obedient, we prove it. So, Angie evolves in official obedience events organized by the CKC.

She lives with our friend, Mrs Claudine Bisson, who is also her official handler. They both make a great team and are accomplices in their daily life. Angie is always look for our attention and does whatever seems to please everyone.

MayaLady Tesoro Maya

Daughter of Bess, Maya represents another generation that promises a lot. Fro the very beginning, she proved us her qualities : focus, consistent, perseverant, patient, devoted and willing to learn.

Maya lives with a friend and hunting partner, M. Kevin Piton, with whom she shares a great family life. Kevin and her have become a great pair and Maya is always ready to bring back any ducks that are shot but also very patient when it’s time to wait for the next one to retrieve.